The Honours Program


At Moama Anglican Grammar we encourage all students to fulfill their potential through a full range of curricular and co-curricular programs. Students are treated as individuals and encouraged to achieve their personal best in a supportive environment where equal opportunity is of paramount importance.

The Honours Program embodies this by offering opportunities to prospective students Years 5-11 in a number of categories that reflect the range of talents and abilities of young people today. The program focuses on extending talents and the pursuit of aspirations “dream big”. We aim for students to develop a strong sense of honour and excellence, caring for themselves, others and the world they live in.


There are two main types of Honours available at Moama Anglican Grammar and these are Bursary and Tuition Remission. These Honours are only applied to the school’s tuition fees. They do not cover  associated costs of schooling. In most cases, families will still need to fund uniform and equipment costs, such as books, stationery and computers and costs of excursions and camps. Please also be mindful of the costs of your child socialising outside of school with their peers, or their involvement in co-curricular activities.

A Tuition Remission Honour is a subsidy on tuition fees for the life of a student’s education at the school and levels of remission vary from 10% to 70%.

A Bursary Honour assists families with children who many not be able to access or afford a Moama Anglican Grammar education. This can include low income, rural families, indigenous families or international/refuge families. Bursaries are means tested and can be for the life of a student’s education in the school or applied annually. A busary will be 100% remission of tuition fees in most cases.


In some cases, the tuition remission of an Honour will be have the sponsorship of a local business/organization. This support from business/organization in our region is very important as it enables increased Honours to be available in our school. A sponsor will have the following role for the life of the Honour as is awarded to a student:

  • to sit in on annual reviews of the student who has been awarded the Honour,
  • be informed of any special achievements of the student,
  • promote these achievements within the sponsors community,
  • provide work experience and other positive networking opportunities for the student and
  • if appropriate (and permissions obtained from the family) involve the student in sponsor community events and media.


The categories in which a student can apply include but are not limited to:

  • Academic
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Bursary
  • Community Service / Leadership
  • Entrepreneurialship
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • Diversity/Languages
  • Primary Industries
  • Hospitality/Catering/Food  Technology
  • Performance/Public Speaking and Debating
  • Dance/Drama


The application process consists of 3 stages:
1. Academic Testing through Edutest for all applicants of the Honours Program.
2. Portfolio / Presentation submitted to the school on application to the Honours Program
3. Interview with the Honours Program Selection Committee


The Honours Program review meeting will occur annually with a panel and the student to review the year and the students’ progress and performance. If the Honour tuition remission has been sponsored by a local business/organisation then the representative can sit in on the annual review meeting.

The Honours Program is certainly not a free ride. In return for the Honour, the school expects that the student uphold high performance in the category of the Honour. If a student who receives an Honour is no longer performing to the high level the school expects or breeches the school’s other policies (Behavior Management etc) , the Honour maybe removed or not renewed.

Moama Anglican Grammar also expects the student to remain at the school until completion of their secondary education. Should that not occur the school will expect the student’s family to repay the value of the Honour tuition remission that has been given, should the student leave the school prior to finishing Year 12.

These conditions will be in the Honours Program Agreement that will be signed by the school, family and student once Honours have been offered and accepted.


  1. Honours Program Launch Evening: Tuesday 18 July 7:30 pm in Resource Centre
  2. Portfolios/Presentations Due: Monday 7 August by email, mail or hand delivered to the Registrar
  3. Edu test Testing: Tuesday 15 August 4:00 – 6:00pm in Resource Centre (please note change of date)
  4. Interviews with Selection Panel: Monday 4 September – Tuesday 12 September
  5. Honours Program Offers: Thursday 14 September
  6. Honours Program Acceptance Closing Date: Wednesday 20 September