The way in which the School uniform is worn has a strong influence on how we feel about ourselves and the ways in which we are viewed by others. Every student’s standard of dress and grooming is expected to reflect well on both the individual and the School as a whole. If a student is not able to wear the correct uniform, a letter of explanation must be brought to school and presented to their class teacher. There is an “Out of Uniform” slip for this purpose in the student diary.

Garments have been designed to be as inexpensive as possible, given our commitment to having a uniform which is practical and attractive. Parents do need to make financial provision for the purchase of the total uniform, which includes a compulsory Sports and PE uniform.

Please refer to detailed Uniform Guidelines (Whole school). This comprehensive document also includes pictures of permitted jewellery and required footwear.

An independent Uniform Shop is located on the Moama Anglican Grammar School grounds.

It is open from 8.30am to 9.00am on Tuesdays and 3.00pm to 3.30pm on Thursdays, during Term times.

Alternatively you may download a uniform order form and price list here.

All uniform items are to be labelled with student’s name, preferably with a sewn, printed label.

Students will not be permitted to wear non-Moama Anglican Grammar School clothing, nor will they be permitted to wear a combination of sports and general uniform. Shirts must be neatly tucked in at all times, except when involved in sport or active recreation during recess or lunch times. It is the responsibility of the student to wear the uniform neatly without needing to be reminded.

Primary School students will be required to wear Sports uniform for the whole day on days when they have Sport or Physical Education timetabled. The timetable will be confirmed at the beginning of the school year. Secondary School students are expected to change into sports uniform at the break closest to a sport or PE period and then to change back in the break following that lesson, unless given express permission to do otherwise.

Dress length

Dress and skirt length is to be such that the bottom of the hem is in line with the top of the bony part of the knee. Kilts must be worn on Mondays for assemblies and at all other formal occasions in Terms 2 and 3.


In Secondary School, a plain black leather belt is to be worn with the boys’ school trousers in winter. No other type of belt is permitted.


No visible jewellery may be worn except for wrist watches. Girls only may wear one small, plain sleeper or stud in the lobe of each ear.

Hairstyle and Grooming

Girls’ hair, if below the collar, must be tied back, with a plain ribbon, or a plain band in one of the school colours.

Neither girls nor boys may have hair styles which are extremes of fashion in terms of length, style or colour. Boys’ hair must be above the collar at all times, and not be pinned to achieve this.

Beards and moustaches are not permitted. Tattoos are not permitted.

Make up

Appropriately toned, tinted moisturiser is allowed as a cover up for skin blemishes. Lipstick/coloured gloss, blush/cheek stain/bronzer and/or eye make up is not permitted.

Secondhand Uniforms

There is a Moama Anglican Grammar School Facebook page dedicated to the sale of secondhand items.
All enquiries must be made independently with the seller/purchaser. Please ensure that your items for sale are in very good condition.

Casual Dress Day Protocol

On designated Casual Dress Days, the School does expect that students will dress in a way that reflects positively on themselves and on the School.
The mode of dress is expected to be modest and appropriate for the designated event and monitored by staff, accordingly the following guidelines should be followed (at all year levels):
 Closed shoes. No thongs, flip-flops or heels.
 Shoulders and midriffs to be covered.
 No short shorts/skirts or shirts; skirts are to be at least mid-thigh to knee length.
 Neat, clean and presentable appearance, as per the uniform guidelines.
 Items of clothing in good repair.
If students dress inappropriately, a call will be made to parents and students will be required to return home to change.
Please note: This is the only exemption to the uniform rule.