Donations and Bequests

As Moama Anglican Grammar continues to grow, the needs of our students increase. We currently have plans for a new library and learning centre, a gymnasium and other critical learning resources. When Moama Anglican Grammar was first established in 2005, we relied on the generosity of many kind donors. These contributions vastly improved our campus and the education and futures of our students.

Moama Anglican Grammar sincerely appreciates all gifts and there are several funds you can contribute to. You can remain anonymous.

2016 Annual Giving Program

This year’s program will focus on the purchasing of new resources for our library, as well as funding annual scholarships and bursaries for current and prospective students. Annual gifts, no matter the size enables Moama Anglican Grammar to flourish. It is a tangible demonstration of your desire for our School to do its best in providing a safe and inspiring educational environment that provides students with the skills and confidence to move forward in life.
Click here for our 2016 Annual Giving Broucher
Download, print and email our Giving Slip to donate now.

Moama Anglican Grammar Building Fund

Future development of the School relies on voluntary contribution to the Building Fund. While fees help meet the running costs of the School, new facilities and renovations are assisted by Building Fund donations. Contributions may be made via the Parent Portal or by contacting the School Office.

Moama Anglican Grammar Bursary Fund

The School has recently implemented a Bursary Fund to facilitate enrolment for a student or students not yet attending Moama Anglican Grammar to commence study Years 9-11. Contributions may be made via the Parent Portal or by contacting the School Office.
All voluntary contributions to the Building Fund or the Bursary Fund are tax deductible.

For more information about donations and bequests, please contact the Communications and Events Officer.