Buses and Transport

There are a range of transport options available to Moama Anglican Grammar students.


Students who live locally may walk to School at their parents/guardians’ discretion.


Racks are provided for storage of bicycles at school. Students riding bicycles to and from school are required to wear a protective helmet of approved design, colour is immaterial. Bicycles must be secured to bike racks with a chain and lock. Please note that scooters and skateboards are not permitted on school grounds.

Car Parking and Road Safety

A builders’ compound necessary for construction of the new iCentre and extension to the Administration Centre has been erected on site at school. Consequently, the drop-off and pickup zone for ALL BUSES (NSW and Victorian Town and Country) will be relocated for the duration of these works.
You will observe the bus zone for 2016 has been moved to the car spaces on Kirchhofer Street behind MS2, MS1, JS3, JS2 and JS1. This area will be signposted by Murray Shire Council and unavailable for parking between the hours of 8 am-9.30 am (not 8.30am as previously advised!) and 2.30 pm-4 pm to allow access for the bus network.
The school has made provision for additional parent parking on the vacant block near the Multi-Purpose Hall to accommodate any overflow.
Parents are also reminded that parking on the eastern side of Kirchhofer Street is illegal and will be rigorously monitored by the police. Fines of up to $319 and two demerit points can be applied. With buses picking up and dropping off adjacent to this area, the risk to students crossing the road in this vicinity is heightened. Additional staff will be stationed on supervision duty to ensure the safety of your children.
We thank you for your cooperation during this exciting building phase of the school.


All NSW applications should be made online.
Subsidised country bus travel is provided Dysons and Purtills for our NSW country students who come to us from Barham, Barmah, beyond Bunnaloo and Deniliquin and all districts in between.
Students who live in Moama township may use the Echuca Moama Transit service and are generally eligible for subsidised bus travel from home to school  (subject to distance and / or safety criteria).  All NSW applications should be made online.
Also, some  rural families may also be eligible for School Drive Subsidy (formerly Private Vehicle Conveyance Allowance) for the portion of the trip from home to the nearest bus stop.  Refer to  https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/schoolDriveSubsidy for information and to apply online .


Echuca Moama Transit provides public transport (buses) in the Echuca Moama townships.  Echuca township residents should refer to Public Transport Victoria for information and an application. The School will purchase a myki card for eligible students upon receiving the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Conveyance Allowance form from parents. Families are invoiced for the cost of the concession card, application processing and the card holder provided ($15).

Eligible students are entitled to unlimited travel on metropolitan trains, trams, and buses, regional bus services and V/Line train and coach services (except for special or chartered services) operating wholly within Victoria. This Victorian Student Pass is an entitlement electronically loaded onto a concession myki. The myki card number will be written on the Student Concession Card. Both the myki and Student Concession Card must be carried at all times when travelling.

Other students may also use the public bus system to travel to Echuca as required by paying the appropriate fare.

Contact Echuca Moama Transit for timetable information – 03 5484 1129


Our Victorian students come to us from far and wide via the Echuca District Country Bus Network which is jointly administered by Victorian Department of Early Childhood Development and Public Transport Victoria and is currently coordinated from Echuca College.

Bus travel is provided for Moama Anglican Grammar  students from Cohuna, Kyabram, Nathalia, Rochester and districts in between. Applications for Permission to Travel (Vic Country) should be submitted to the Moama Anglican Grammar office.  A special travel permit for Victorian Country bus travellers, who may use the service casually can be found here.  Please note, seats for casual travellers cannot be guaranteed.

Some families are also eligible for Private Vehicle (Car) Conveyance Allowance if they must travel more than 4.8km from home to their nearest country bus stop. If eligible, please complete the application or contact the School Office for further clarification.

Students Driving to School

During the course of Year 11 or 12, it is likely that students will obtain their provisional (NSW) or probationary (Victoria) licences and may wish to drive to school. Any student wishing to drive to school must write to the Head of Secondary School, with the written support of their parents, requesting permission.

Permission will be granted subject to the following conditions:

  • In Year 11, only students who are late country bus travellers may apply;
  • Details have been provided as to the make, model and registration of the car and a copy of the insurance policy is provided;
  • A copy of the student’s provisional licence has been provided.
  • Also, the student and parents sign an agreement that the student will:
  • Not transport any other persons without the written permission of the Head of Secondary School and the relevant parents. (Please note that, as a general rule permission would be limited to siblings attending this School);
  • Not leave the School grounds during school hours without permission of the Head of Secondary School and parents;
  • Park in the designated area for student cars;
  • Display the Student parking permit on the dashboard where it may be easily seen.