Our Georgia paddles her way to success

Georgia Newton in Year 8 has recently returned from a number of outrigger competitions. Read Georgia’s perspective below:

IVF VA’A World Sprint Championships 2016

Though I did not medal at the world championships I found it a great experience because I now know what to expect in other championships in years to come. I made many new good friends, trained hard, raced hard, and experience competing at the highest level. I also participated in the opening, cultural and closing ceremonies.

Aussie Aito 2016

I stayed on another week a competed in a competition called the Aussie aito which is a V1 marathon national championship. It was a 4km ocean race in a V1 which is an rudderless one man outrigger canoe, which I raced 4km in the ocean. Overall I was 5th in U14s and and in U14 girls.

OC6 national championships 2016

After the Aussie Aito I paddled in the OC6 national marathon championship, which is a 6 man canoe which consists of 5 paddlers and 1 steerer. We raced 5km out into the ocean, we got a really good start, led all the way and caught some runners on the way back in. I was a part of a composite crew, with Team Gold Coast. We won the national marathon championships and I won the national sprint championships with the same crew in February. Overall I gained great competition experience and it was a great life experience as well.