This week, fifteen  of our Year 9 students attended a Health Careers Day at the Echuca Regional Health Education Centre. The purpose of this day was to learn about the jobs that could lead into a career in health. The day started with a talk about the general understanding of pathways into the careers of health followed with a rotation through  four workshops. The first workshop was about asthma, EpiPens and how to use them, and the types of jobs in health and the qualifications required for those jobs. The second workshop was about mental health and all the different types of mental health issues there are and some of the symptoms that may arise. This workshop emphasized that being involved in mental health can lead to many different job opportunities. Then there were sessions related to CPR and Allied Health. The CPR workshop showed how to perform CPR and what to do in an emergency situation. This workshop allowed practical application of new skills on a test dummy. The Allied Health session explained all the different jobs available in a hospital and some of the tools that employees use. Overall the day was very beneficial and informative. Thanks to the hospital and all the presenters who were involved, and thank you to Mr Martin, our Careers Advisor.