A message from our 2018 School Captains and Valedictorian

Excerpts from her Valedictorian Speech.
“Now to put things into perspective for you all I would like to begin by sharing some statistics with you. Now I am no Extension 2 Mathematician or Advanced Maths student for that matter so don’t quote me on this, but, on average we spend 180 days at school a year. Now if you can do the maths in your head, that’s 1080 hours spent at school a year. And as we approach the end of our schooling we have nearly spent a total of 12,960 hours at school. Now let me just put that into perspective for you. 12,960 hours of school is equivalent to 6,480 AFL football games, 247,643 replays of ‘Summer of 69’ (one of our cohorts all-time favourites), and nearly 40% of the total viewing hours on Netflix. I know “crazy right”. But instead we have spent 12,690 hour with friends, teachers and learning stuff we need to know in order to survive in the outside world. And although as we reflect on how we spent our time and maybe wished that we had studied more or spent class time more effectively, I think it is fair to say we have grown and learnt immensely in this time.”

“We were given the right directions in order to set the appropriate goals. And it goes a little something like this…in order to achieve our goals you must have the desire, dedication and determination to do so.”

“And for many, this has taught us to be resilient and flexible.”

Madeline Kuluris
2018 Valedictorian


53 is a prime number, try and divide us
Commencing our final year of schooling was one of the most daunting yet thrilling achievements for our cohort. Our motto “53 is a prime number, try and divide us” was short-lived. However, it has taken on new meanings, as everyone, through every challenge and every achievement, stood by one another and demonstrated that we truly are one.

As the life we’ve known for the last 13 years has slowly come to an end, it’s fair to say that we are more than excited and a little scared, for what the future holds. There is no doubt that whatever is to come, will be amazing for each and every one of us. As co-captains, it’s been such a privilege to have had the chance to lead such a talented, unique group through a very special year, at a school that has facilitated and taught us the skills needed in order to survive life after school.

Over the 8 years of our Moama Anglican Grammar school lives, we have seen the growth of our school and the development of our community. We have witnessed the amazing new facilities being built and utilised, more recently the new Resource Centre that has allowed students to further their learning and housed the whole school on Foundation Day. The school community has also greatly developed, coming together to celebrate, compete against one another, listen to guest speakers, support each other, and fundraise for meaningful causes.

The Year 12 cohort is very grateful and thankful for all of the guidance and help given by the teachers, and the wonderful facilities offered by the school. We would also like to thank our peers and Mrs Needs as they have stood by us through thick and thin and look forward to celebrating the end of this challenging year.

Marni Rickard and Daniel Stephens
School Captains 2018