Tuesday  marked the annual Echuca Apex Debating Competition which was held at the Rich River Golf Club. We were represented by two Junior teams at this particular competition.
Team One consisted of, Catrina Paul (Year 7), Caitlin Ebsworth (Year 7), Mia Oberin (Year 8) and Team two was Alyssa Hunter (Year 9), Rory Jones (Year 9) and Hannah Williams (Year 10).
For this particular draw, both teams went up against each other debating the topic ‘Regularly changing speed zones make our roads less safe.’ Team one was the affirmative while team two were arguing the negative sides. Both teams spoke well and provided very valid points and rebuttal.
Team one, although new as a team worked well to discuss their side of the argument. Catrina Paul (Speaker one) and Caitlin Ebsworth (Speaker two), both new to the debating team, as well as facing students older then themselves, were excellent and supported by their third place speaker Mia Oberin who finished of their arguments solidly, fluently and with confidence. These girls not only represented themselves well but were also exemplary in the way they represented the school.
Team two, also did an outstanding job in presenting their arguments. Lead by Alyssa as speaker one, followed by Rory for speaker two and finally Hannah as speaker three they were concise and proficient in their presentation. They were also very strong in their performance making a very difficult for the judges.
After all the debates were over and a small break the winners were announced. Team two, Alyssa, Rory and Hannah were successful in winning their debate and will be moving forward to the next round where they will face St Joseph’s. This will take place next Tuesday 4 August 6pm at Rich River. Good Luck team!
Miss Cathy James
Coordinator Public Speaking and Debating