Year 10 students Samantha Dyson, Niall Jones, Hannah Williams and Lachlan Chumbley headed to Sydney on Thursday to compete in the prestigious Brain Bee Challenge.
Our four students were amongst the top 138 in the State who participated in the finals.
They started the morning with the individual short answer quiz from which the top nine students were selected to participate in a live questioning round at the end of the day.
Unfortunately, we were not among those nine this year but the students learned a lot about the nature of the questions being asked and followed the live session at the end of the day with interest until the NSW representative for the national competition was selected.
The team round was a lot of fun, 10 schools were represented and our four students answered 17 out of 20 questions correctly placing them highly amongst the group.
They listened to speakers presenting about life as a medical science student and the research being carried out in developing the bionic eye and a headpiece with the potential to increase the speed at which people learn.
They also carried out a series of physiology experiments on themselves which involved hooking themselves up to electrodes and stimulating various muscles in the hand and arm to contract without conscious thought. The boys found that they were particularly well suited to this activity and  were able to gather some interesting data in an engaging and fun activity.
The students had an amazing day and demonstrated their very strong understanding of neuroscience with confidence, they met and worked well with students from other NSW schools and we look forward to continuing our involvement with this competition with our Year 10 students next year.