Our highly anticipated Celebration Day is fast approaching and we are excited to announce that Years 7 to 11 activities for this day have now been finalised.
This year, Celebration Day will be held on Friday 11 December (last day of term) from 8.50am to 12.30pm. We respectfully remind students that it is compulsory to attend Celebration Day.
Each student may select one (1) activity for the day. Please refer to the attached two page document to see the full range of paid and cost-free activities from which to choose.
Selections will open on Friday 20 November and close Monday 30 November. Parents/Guardians will be emailed a link on Friday 20 November which will allow them to select their child/rens activity for Celebration Day. This link will also be available on the Parent Portal.
Students who do not select an activity will be placed in one of the cost-free activities on offer. Please note, there are limited numbers available in some activities.
If you have any questions about Celebration Day, please contact the Main Office on 5480 5900.