Congratulations to our HSC Class of 2019

Moama Anglican Grammar’s Year 12 students have achieved outstanding results in the 2019 HSC demonstrating that ‘The Grammar’ is still the premier K-12 School in the region.  The Principal Carmel Spry and the School’s focus on academic improvement across all faculty areas has ensured students have developed a strong academic culture which is recognised through the amount of Band 5 and 6 results the students have achieved.

The outstanding results are evident with 37% of the 72 students’ results were either a Band 5 or Band 6. The students received 32 Band 6 (90-100) results with twelve students from the School being placed on the Distinguished Achievers list for achieving the highest band possible for one or more subjects. The school also received 94 individual Band 5 (80-89) results which is a fantastic effort by the students.

The School had 8 students (11% of the Year 12 cohort) receive an ATAR of over 90.00.  Among our top performing students were Daniel Chu (ATAR 99.4), Naomi Hughes (ATAR 94.5), Maddison Zlateff (ATAR 93.5 ), Mia Oberin (ATAR 92.75), Jemima Donovan (ATAR 92.45) and Hayden James (ATAR 91.1), 

The Dux of the School is calculated on the student’s ATAR results and it is with great delight that the School announces Daniel Chu as the Dux for 2019.  Daniel was placed 3rd in the State for Biology as well as being in the top 8 students in the State for Japanese Beginners. Daniel was also placed on the All Round Achievers list for receiving the highest bands possible in at least 10 units and is waiting for an offer at Melbourne University to study Biomedicine. 

Naomi Hughes has accepted the Murray Riverina Schools Scholarship from the University of Wollongong to complete a double degree for Arts of Western Civilisation and Creative Arts.  She is also in the running for the Ramsey Scholarship which includes studying at Oxford or Cambridge for a semester. Naomi was the first student at the School to do both the English Extension subjects receiving the highest band in Extension 1.

Maddison Zlateff has accepted a position at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) to be trained as an Officer in Mission Aircrew.  Mission Aircrew is part of the Officer Aviation Branch of the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) which trains pilots, air traffic controllers and aircrew personal.  

Claudia Mawson, who achieved outstanding results in English Advanced and Legal Studies, has signed on as a member of the Melbourne University Lighting for 2020 to play in the Victorian Netball League.  

Matthew Hindson is the second student at the School to be nominated for ‘The Shape Exhibition’ at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  ‘Shape’ features a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology and a nomination for this HSC Showcase Events is extraordinary.  Charlotte Goode was also nominated for ‘ENCORE’, which is the HSC Showcase for the best performances in HSC Music 1 and 2.

At Moama Anglican Grammar we have been encouraging staff to challenge students to perform at their personal best in every subject.  The diversity of the student’s results can be seen as the students received 11 Band 6 results in STEM (Sciences, Technology and Mathematics) and 11 Band 6 results in the Humanities (English and HSIE).

A benchmark in NSW Schools is to make the top 200 list of Schools.  Moama Anglican Grammar made the Top 200 School list for NSW, ranking 182nd, an outstanding effort for a regional school.