Duke of Edinburgh Silver Hike

On Thursday five of our students departed on their 6 day hike of the Mount Buller/Mounht Stirling area. The students did two journey/explorations over 5 days. As part of their requirements the students needed to participate in seven hours of activity each day. Working with Auscamp the students organised and prepared their own food for this hike. As part of the preparation, students needed to plan their own meals for both hikes including shopping and packing lists. Students cooked on trangia stoves and were encouraged to take a healthy balanced approach to their menu plan.

Over the next few days the students attempted to summit Mt Buller however with heavy snow fall and a recorded 25cm of snow on Thursday night the students had to turn around. On Sunday the weather cleared and the students reached the summit of Mt Stirling in the beautiful sunshine. For the last day the students hiked out from Mt Buller down to Meimbah.

The hike was a fantastic experience with the five students who completed this adventurous journey doing a great job in some very adverse conditions.