On the last day of term 2, our HSC Science students attended a day in Albury where lectures, with comprehensive notes, were presented on the HSC Examinations. For Biology, a past HSC examiner discussed the layout of the HSC Biology Examination and provided a guide on what examiners are looking for when marking student responses in the Examination.
The general consensus from the students was that the day was well worth attending and the advice given reinforced what has been discussed in class. It was reassuring for the students to realise that they do have a strong base knowledge of the biology being discussed at the presentation. Hearing from a past examiner provided the students with some invaluable guidance in preparing them for their final HSC Biology Examination on Monday October 19.
Some student responses from the day were:
“The excursion to Albury was highly beneficial to my Biology studies and the forthcoming trial and final HSC exams.” – Brittany Cox
“The Biology sessions were extremely helpful in providing strategies for optimising exam marks, not only in Biology but other subjects too.” – Lucy Phillips
“The seminars provided great tips and study strategies that I’m going to implement from now until the final exam.” – Patrick Connally
“I really enjoyed the lectures run in Albury and will use the information from the day to help me prepare extensively for the final HSC exam.” – Jillian O’Brien