The following information was sent to Parents/Guardians of current Years 4 – 11 students.  Some of the information pertains only to some year levels. Please read it carefully to ensure you do not miss information that is important for your child.

BYOD (Bring your own device): Years 10 – 12 in 2016
A reminder to parents of students in Years 10 -12 that devices are required at commencement of the 2016 academic year. Recommended specifications were emailed earlier in the year and are also available from our website.
iPads – Years 5 – 9 in 2016
Current Year 7 students will retain their iPad through to Year 8, 2016. “Housekeeping” instructions for students to implement over the holiday period will be provided later in the year.
A new iPad will be provided for 2016 Years 5, 6, 7 and 9 at the beginning of Term 1.
Families of current students in Years 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 (2015) have two options:
1.     Purchase the iPad for $80:
Simply email the serial number (found on the back or in “Settings” on the iPad) to stating you wish to purchase the device by Monday 7 December.  An invoice will be generated for payment by EFT or credit card.
2.     Return the iPad
Complete the iPad Return form and return it to the School Office by Monday 7 December with the 10W device charger.  It is important to “unlock” any password protection on the device prior to return.  iPads not being purchased will be collected from students during our last week of term (from Monday 7 December).
HSC 2016 students may utilise their school iPad over the summer break in order to continue with their Year 12 work.  However, they are required to return it (with cover and 10W charger) by Thursday 28 January 2016 (commencement day) unless they choose to purchase it (refer above).

ORIENTATION DAY FOR 2016 – Tuesday 8 December
Current Years 9 and 10
In order to facilitate activities for students (current and new) attending Orientation Day, Tuesday 8 December will be a Student Free day for Years 9 and 10.
More information about requirements for current and new students in other year levels will be sent closer to the event.

Kindergarten – Year 4
Textbooks and Stationery and for students in Kindergarten – Year 4 are supplied by the School, no action required.
Years 5 and 6
Stationery lists for Years 5 and 6 are available on the website.  You may source the requirements yourself or purchase online from Peat’s Stationery Supplies in Echuca. In either case, please ensure you allow enough time to have Stationery items prior to commencement of 2016 academic year.
For 2016, and in order to streamline textbook provision for students in Years 5 and 6, texts will be purchased in bulk by the School and the cost (approx $90) will be levied to families with Term 2 fees.
Years 7 – 11
Requirement lists for Textbooks and Stationery for students in Years 7 -10 are available online now.
Please note: due to a delay with the supplier, the Year 11 textbook list remains closed at this stage. We expect the issue to be resolved very soon and will advise Year 11 2016 families as soon as their link is opened.
Textbooks – Purchase online from Yorke books.
Stationery: You may choose to source the requirements yourself or purchase online from Peat’s Stationery Supplies in Echuca. Click on the appropriate year level on the right side to view requirements.
Please ensure you purchase BOTH Stationery and texts for students in Years 7 – 11, allowing enough time for delivery, prior to commencement of 2016 academic year.
e-Text Levy (Years 7 – 10, 2016)
At the commencement of 2016 academic year, students in Years 7 – 10 will download e-texts for several subject onto their devices.  These electronic publications are purchased by the School on behalf of students and an e-text levy of approximately $130 per student will be invoiced to families during Term 1 for these items.
Secondhand Textbooks
Families may choose to advertise to buy or sell secondhand textbooks on the MAGS Secondhand Uniforms and Books Facebook page. Please note these arrangements are strictly between individuals, and care should be taken to ascertain the correct titles, editions and condition of items prior to purchase.

CELEBRATION DAY – Friday 11 December
Kindergarten – Year 6 (Primary)
Information about Primary School Celebration Day activities will be sent to Primary families soon.
Years 7 – 11
Please refer to our previous correspondence (email) re: booking of an activity for your child on our Celebration Day. Electronic bookings are open for these activities until Monday 30 November.

Generally, the 2015 Public Transport Victoria VSP (Myki and Student ID Card) amended arrangements for eligible students in Echuca to travel to School have been an improvement on previous years. The 2015 passes issued to students remain valid until the end of February 2016.  By then we hope that PTV will have finalised the renewal process for the rest of 2016.
More information about the 2016 renewal process will be sent to families in due course.
Please note: Echuca Moama Transit is a public service and may be used by students who don’t have “bus passes” by simply paying the relevant trip fare.

If you have any queries regarding this correspondence, please contact the School Office on 5480 5900.