Love your body!

Satire, song and stand up comedy are how Kelly Nash is bringing attention to sensitive topics such as body image. Kelly creates a gentle presence that lets students know they are alright just as they are. Today our Year 9 girls got to witness Kelly’s triple threat as she shared her own stories and struggles with body image.

The girls found Kelly extremely engaging and were in fits of laughter as Kelly talked of her own experiences from being known as “plus sized, chunky,the fat one” and much more. Kelly overcame her experiences and now is a big believer in being your own version of beautiful. Exploring other eras and cultures perceptions of beauty opened her eyes and led Kelly to create her own job a comedic guest speaker.

Kelly now visits over 20 schools using engaging methods to talk about sensitive issues with kids. I feel that we throw around diversity but we are not very good at practicing it. I want everyone to love what they have, and I know myself that I don’t want to get to the end of my life and think why did I spend so much time worrying about a few kilos when I could have been enjoying the beautiful life I led” said Kelly.