Meredith Costain Visits

Yesterday our Primary Students were visited by author Meredith Costain. Meredith’s work ranges from picture books through to popular fiction and non-fiction for older readers.

Our K-2 students were actively involved in the reading of Meredith’s poetry and stories.  Students were given parts to act out and lines to shout out.

Meredith worked with the 3 and 4 classes on writing a non-fiction story.  The students acted out one for Meredith’s books about Cheetahs. The students chased Gazelles and dragged them back to their lair.  They also had to chase Hyenas away from the kill.  They then went through the process of writing their own non-fiction story about an animal they know well.  Some students then read out their descriptions while the other students had to try and guess what animal they were describing.

Finally Meredith worked with the 5 and 6 students on writing a fictional story.  She explained the procedure of creating a character, setting and plot.  She also stressed the importance of have a problem that needs to be solved by the end of the story.  She had several students read their story plans out to the rest of the class.

Overall, the older students learnt some great writing skills while the younger ones had a lot of fun listening to her works.