Students from Years 5 to 9 were treated to special presentations from Motivational Media on Thursday.
The 40 minute cinematic presentations are screened across three big screens, and wowed the students – and their teachers.
Motivational Media aims to challenge and inspire young people to develop strategies that will enable them to reach their true potential so that their life choices will not be diminished through avoidable, reckless and harmful behaviours.
Some of the feedback:
Coby, Year 6: I learned that life has ups and downs, but you should never give up. Don’t let anyone take your future away because you can do anything. Don’t let people stop you from following your dreams.
Andrew, Year 6: Be open to learning and growing. When you are knocked down, jump back up again. Make positive changes.
Will, Year 6: Life is not always what you want it to be. Anything is possible, set yourself goals. You choose the road for your future.
Lachlan, Year 6: Have hope in yourself and others. Believe you are beautiful. Be strong.
You can learn more about Motivational Media, and see a preview of the presentation, here.