Netball Victoria Championships Recap!

On Wednesday 26 July at 8am, around 30 girls and 3 teachers from Moama Anglican Grammar excitedly boarded the bus to Bendigo for the Netball Victoria School Championships to compete for a chance to play in Melbourne in September. After a bus ride filled with game plans and opposition analysis, the girls stepped out of the bus and changed into their netball dresses ready to take to the courts.

The 7/8 and 9/10 teams both hit the ground running, each beating Weeroona College by more than 15 goals. The Year 11/12 team got off to a slower start and lost to St Josephs’s College Echuca. As round 2 approached the Year 7/8 team prepared to play St Josephs College, the Year 9/10 team got ready to play Highview College and the year 11/12 team shuffled up their game plan to take on Wedderburn College. Both the 7/8 team and 11/12 teams fought it out on the court until the very end but both lost by incredibly slim margins. The Year 9/10 team, secured the win and almost doubled Highview College’s score.

Round 3 turned out to be a tough game for all Moama Anglican Grammar teams, with their upcoming opposition, St Joseph’s being the team to beat on the ladder in all draws. The Year 7/8’s and 11/12’s played to their maximum effort but unfortunately, St Joseph’s came out on top despite the girls’ outstanding game play. The Year 9/10 team played a back and forth game with St Josephs and scraped through with the win in the second half. The Year 9/10 girls, then successfully continued their winning streak in round 4 after beating another St Joseph’s College team by 4 goals. The Year 7/8 team also celebrated a close win against Bendigo South East College. After some game analysis and position shuffling, the Year 11/12 team were able to claim their first win of the day, in the senior draw’s final round. With the Year 7/8 draw with 2 rounds left, the girls were keen to finish strong and thankfully, they lived up to their own expectations. The 7/8 girls beat Deniliquin by a signficant margin in round 5 and tripled Wedderburn College’s score in their final round. Just like the 7/8 girls, the 9/10 team knew that they needed to finish off their last 3 rounds strong, and hold their top spot on the ladder. The 9/10 team’s match against Deniliquin in round 5 proved to be an easier match than expected as they beat their opposition by 7 goals. Round 6 was a back and forth game as players were beginning to tire however the Moama Grammar girls pushed through and won by 2 goals. Despite their weariness, the 9/10 were determined to finish the day undefeated and after a tough battle with Bendigo South East College, they were able to secure their final win of the day.

Overall, all displayed supreme levels of sportsmanship along with outstanding netball ability. Despite the losses, the Year 11/12 team were extremely happy with the way they played and their well deserved win. The Year 7/8 girls played some excellent netball but unfortunately just missed out on the top spot. The 9/10 team were very proud of themselves for remaining undefeated throughout the whole day and for securing their spot to the Melbourne State Titles in September. All in all, it was a fun and exciting day out and all involved should be proud of what they achieved. 

By Mia Oberin (Year 10)