Never a dull moment at Moama Anglican Grammar!

Did you know our AuSIS seismometer has recently registered the earthquakes in Japan (M7) and Ecuador (M7.8)? There were also two smaller earthquakes in Vanuatu. And of course, there has been much activity with our iCentre earthworks and site preparation underway. Dr Michelle Salmon, a Research Fellow at the Research School of Earth Sciences Australian National University College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has sent us a picture of our seismometer activity over the last 24 hours with no filtering. You can clearly see when the school is unoccupied. Note that there is a 10 hour difference between the UTC time shown and the local time. So you can see that the noise ramps up just after 8am local time (22:00 UTC) and ends around 4pm local time (6:00 UTC) with a lull in the noise around lunch time (12:20 local time).

Never a dull moment at Moama Anglican Grammar! If you would like more information about our seismometer, please see Mr Young.

Seismic activity graph