From this week, a builders’ compound necessary for construction of the new iCentre and extension to the Administration Centre will be erected on site at school. Consequently, the drop-off and pickup zone for ALL BUSES (NSW and Victorian Town and Country) will be relocated for the duration of these works.
Please refer to the image in this post.
SCHOOL BUS AND PARKING ZONES (TERM 1 20166) You will observe the bus zone for 2016 has been moved to the car spaces on Kirchhofer Street behind MS2, MS1, JS3, JS2 and JS1. This area will be signposted by Murray Shire Council and is unavailable for parking between the hours of 8 am – 9.30 am (not 8.30am as previously advised!) and 2.30 pm – 4 pm to allow access for the bus network.
The school has made provision for additional parent parking on the vacant block near the Multi-Purpose Hall to accommodate any overflow.
Parents are also reminded that parking on the eastern side of Kirchhofer Street is illegal and will be rigorously monitored by the police. Fines of up to $319 and two demerit points can be applied. With buses picking up and dropping off adjacent to this area, the risk to students crossing the road in this vicinity is heightened. Additional staff will be stationed on supervision duty to ensure the safety of your children.
We thank you for your cooperation during this exciting building phase of the school