Primary Father and Son Session

Last night our boys in Years 4-6 participated in a Father Son session run by Mr Arthur Bolkus from Family Life Victoria.

The session focused on a number of aspects including identity. Arthur identifies that “Today more than ever, boys are confused about their identity: uncertain about who they are and what they are meant to become. They need direction and guidance in their lives, a stronger moral and values based framework to live by, and they especially need positive heroes and role-models because masculinity is learned not innate”.

Other topics included;
The journey of life – what’s it all about?
What does it mean to be a man? – identity stereotypes & misconceptions
Common dangers along the way – anger and risk-taking
Heroes/role models – why boys need them
The ‘missing father syndrome’
‘Like father like son’ – re-shaping the mould

Those in attendance found the session very beneficial! With Father and Son Marcus and Matthew DiPetta taking home the lucky chair prize.