Questacon Invention Convention

Year 8 students Alysha Toohill and Kayla Francis participated in the Regional Questacon Invention Convention STEM program at Charles Sturt University in Albury over the holidays.  The convention was a three-day program of upskilling, inspiring and then prototyping. Participants listened to Professionals speak about their journey in a STEM career and then were given a real world problem to solve via invention prototype.

Alysha’s was ‘sustainable living’ and Kayla’s was ‘Animal real world problems’. Based on their interests, they were separated into groups.  Alysha designed a website about recycling to be pitched with a robot she learnt how to modify and code. This robot detected colour coded rubbish to make the “which bin” problem more understandable. Kayla created a turtle backscratcher for the animal hospital on the coast. It was fully operational and coded to attract turtles in the hospital. These prototypes were then pitched to a large audience. Some of the audience was made up of inventors, who then shared their own personal failures and how they had to be adaptable and prepared to change.
Alysha was also selected for a TV interview and spoke on ABC radio discussing her prototype.

Both girls came out each day completely inspired and urge students who are interested in code, robotics, hydroponics, website development, engineering etc to find out more information at the Questacon website here: