Introducing SEQTA ENGAGE
One of the schools major initiatives this year was to implement a new Learning Management System that incorporates continuous online reporting, timelier feedback to parents and improved communications in an accessible and user-friendly way. Our new system is called SEQTA and contains three core parts; SEQTA Teach, SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage. SEQTA Teach, includes curriculum planning, mapping, assessment and reporting, pastoral care and analytics and is used by the staff. SEQTA Learn, is the student online environment. This environment is accessible on any device over the internet and at school. Thereby giving students access to everything they need to learn more effectively, and tools that allow them to stretch themselves, be more interactive with what they are learning and achieve better outcomes. SEQTA Engage, is the online environment for parents/guardians so you can access up-to-date information quickly and easily about the school and your child/rens learning.

We are implementing SEQTA Teach, Learn and Engage in stages over the next two years and have been trialling parts of it with students, staff and parents during Semester 1. SEQTA Teach in the areas of pastoral, attendance and assessment and reporting functions for staff has been in use since the start of Term 2 and this will grow to encompass continuous online reporting to parents.

We are now ready to begin the roll out of SEQTA Engage for parents/guardians. To this end, the Semester 1 Reports for all students Kinder to Year 11 will be published to SEQTA Engage in the first week of the holidays.