Staff take out the Cup!

Yesterday saw the staff and students go head to head in a game of Speedball in the final game of the Inaugural Tri Series Cup for 2016. With the staff winning Dodgeball in Term 1 and the Students winning Capture the Flag in Term 2 the scene was set for an enthralling battle in a winner takes all match. The Staff dominated the opening minutes with Greg Cadd scoring the first goal of the game worth two points. The staff continued to control the ball and with some nice passing and teamwork Lester Gilmour stood up and scored their second goal, this time worth three points. From this point on, the staff struggled to get their hands on the ball. The Year 12’s had some slick ball movement and created many goal score opportunities without avail. Samuel Martin stood up and scored a vital three point goal. The Year 12’s continued to push hard keeping the staff under pressure. Thankfully for the Staff, the bell rang in the nick of time to save them from defeat and claim the Tri Series Cup for 2016. Final score, Staff – 5, Students 3.