Primary School students are participating in a new School initiative, The Thankful Jar Project.
At this very busy time of year we are often very focused on giving and getting things done.
Unfortunately, we can forget the other side of the coin: gratitude.
The Christmas season is a perfect time to remind us about the true value of being thankful. It is a time when we are reminded that the birth of a child (Jesus) represents a profound gift.
When we consider that He and each one of us began life a gift to our parents and families, that everything we are and have is a gift given to us by God, our response is one of thanks.
Over the new few weeks, our Primary School students are being encouraged to write a message of thankfulness to be placed in the Thankful Jar. These messages will be on display in our School.
We also invite our Parents/Guardians and Visitors to participate.
This initiative might not change the world, but it will help us all to appreciate what we have, be
thankful for the present moments and to be reminded that we are blessed.