This Week In Pastoral Care

Yesterday our Year 7 to Year 12 students participated in a variety of different sessions as part of their Pastoral Care Program.

Year 12 – Our Year 12 students were involved in an application writing workshop. The purpose was to assist students become more skilled and confident in writing applications and to articulate their experience, skills and strengths. The session covered the need to understand the questions/criteria and know how to adapt these into varying situations; how to prepare answers using a draft skeleton; and students were provided with a range of resources to further support future applications. All of our Year 12 students have been encouraged to submit an application for the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award. In their application they are required to address the following criteria: leadership, teamwork, values, problem solving, resourcefulness, communication, cooperation and community involvement. The STAR model was explained as a method of powerfully and effectively addressing each criteria; the Situation or context (where, who), identifies a particular Task or problem (what was it about), and explains the Action you took (what you did, how were you involved), and finally describe the Result or outcome (what happened). These STAR statements can then be used as evidence in any application – scholarships, tertiary entry, accommodation, leadership positions, jobs, work experience and more.

Year 11 – Our Year 11 students attended a presentation on Safe Partying (and other issues pertinent to young people) delivered by Sonya Karras from Whole New World ( and Teenage Expo ( This was a fantastic presentation that provided the students with valuable information regarding safe partying. Speak to a Year 11 Student today about what they took away from this valuable session.

Year 10 – Our Year 10 students heard from guest presenter Ben O’Toole from Step, Back, Think ( In 2007 Ben was a victim of a one-punch assault. He suffered a severe brain haemorrhage as a result of his head hitting the concrete. He was lucky enough to not only recover, but also retain all physical and cognitive abilities. Ben shared his story and educated our Year 10 students on the dangers of social violence. Ask a Year 10 student about what they learnt about social violence.
Year 8 and 9 – Both our Year 8 and Year 9 students participated in sessions regarding Cybersafety, sexting and the law.

Year 7 – VRRHHMMM! Sqeeeealll! Putter, gurgle or DING!!! What kind of car are you today?! Our Year 7 boys went to the Moama Cricket Club rooms to reflect on their journey through the year. The Cars ‘R’ Us fleet cards helped them to identify how they are feeling about their drive into secondary school. These boisterous, quiet, shy, angry, happy and just plain goofy car characters provide rich metaphors to help think of what it is to be human. It helps the boys identify the emotions they have experienced and talk about what has made the year difficult and enjoyable.