Year 5 and 6 Basketball

Today a group of Year 5 and 6 students were selected to represent our School at the annual Primary Basketball Competition at Echuca Basketball Centre. With the assistance of  Year 9 and 10 leaders Liam Tenace, Liam Smith, Alannah Gilmore and Jamieson Horne as coaches we have had one win, a draw and a few losses.

Boys Team:
Cooper Fawcett
Jacob Percy
Ollie Connors
Dylan Jardine
Harry Wright
Sam Trewick
Sam Scott
Jude O’Rourke

Girls Team:
Lila McMinn
Jessica Nunan
Olivia Nagle
Georgie Gough
Emelia Varcoe
Olivia Jachim
Mary Haisman
Sienna Quinlan