Year 8 Camp Report

Hollow Mountain walk: On the Hollow Mountain walk we walked through many caves, rocks and tracks. When the rain came in we had to hide in a rock shelter in order to keep dry.

Canoeing and McKenzie Falls: At McKenzie Falls we walked to lookouts and saw an amazing amount of water going over the waterfall. The canoeing was a very adventurous time with many getting a little wet and tired, canoeing to the other side of the lake.

Rock climbing:  The rock climbing was a great activity which challenged many people. Everyone tried their hardest and many succeeded climbing the rock climb “Eat More Parsley”.

Mount Stapylton hike: We enjoyed a peaceful hike up over Flat Rock and to the top of Mount Stapylton.

At the top of the mountain we got a fantastic 360 degree view of our surroundings.
By Meg Eishold 8N