Year 9 Girls Day

Today our Year 9 girls participated in a Girl’s Seminar Day: All About Me. The program is designed to equip young girls with the skills to thrive at school and flourish in life, the day consisted of presentations and interactive workshops offered by Meg Durham (nee Daniher), Wellbeing Educator from Open Mind Education.  Throughout the day the girls covered topics such as:

– Character Strengths: Moving beyond labels and leveraging strengths
– Relationships: Communication skills for thriving relationships
– Unlocking Potential: Cultivating courage and confidence
– Mindfulness: Practical ways to calm a busy mind

The girls took a lot away from the day! With some saying today taught me:
“A smile can make someones day”
“Always Love yourself”
“We think of ourselves way more harshly than anyone else”
Ask a Year 9 girl about what they learned from today!