We provide a safe, caring environment for our students and staff by following our core values in all that we do:

· Promote Christian values and beliefs including:
Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Integrity and Kindness
· Provide a safe and caring community
· Encourage a love of life and learning and the pursuit of personal best
· Nurture resilience and independence

If you would like to join our school community by enrolling your child, we have outlined the steps for you below.
Families are encouraged to lodge enrolment applications with us as early as possible in order for us to accurately ascertain projected requirements.

School Handbook information is available here.


· Please contact the School office to have an enrolment information pack mailed to you.
Alternatively, complete an enrolment form and return it to the school with the $50 enrolment application fee.
Enrolment Application online
complete a Printed Application

· Your application will then be acknowledged in writing once received.

· Another letter will be sent to you in February or March prior to the initial year of enrolment, inviting you to make an appointment to have an enrolment interview with the Principal or delegate.

· Following the interview process, and if an Enrolment Offer is made, a letter will be sent to Parents requesting payment of $1000 (per child) to confirm acceptance of the Offer.
Included with this letter will be an Enrolment Acceptance form and other relevant forms.

· Fees are payable in advance, therefore an enrolment is not considered confirmed unless payment of Term 1 fees is made by October 31 in the year prior to entry. Parents are invoiced for this amount.