The School Board’s role includes the establishment and oversight of the school’s vision, values and strategic direction. Governance involves monitoring risk and compliance, financial performance and sustainability.

The Board of Directors are elected by members of Moama Anglican Grammar Ltd. Directors are elected for three-year terms with elections being held at the AGM in May each year.

The Moama Anglican Grammar current Board Members are:

  • Mrs Jane Millar (Chair)
  • Dr Sydney Paul (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Marcus D’Angri (Treasurer)
  • Ms Fleur Cousins
  • Ms Susan Owen
  • Mr Ben Styles
  • Mrs Leeanne Zamagias

The Board has established the following committees to assist in carrying out its duties:

  • Finance

  • Risk & Compliance

  • Strategic Planning & Governance

  • Building

All matters to do with the day-to-day operation of the School or management issues should be referred to the relevant senior staff member or ultimately to the Principal, Mr Scott Downward, who can be contacted by telephone on 03 5480 5900 or email

The Board does not involve itself in specific management issues (such as discipline, the details of curriculum, staff concerns, or the payment of fees).

If you need to contact the Board Chair for a governance related matter, please email Written correspondence should be sent to:

The Board Chair
Private and Confidential
c/o Moama Anglican Grammar
PO Box 786
Moama NSW 2731

Board Charter


Membership is available to current and future parents of students enrolled at Moama Anglican Grammar and interested members of the community. Applications received will be considered at the Board meeting following their receipt and those persons accepted as members will be entitled to vote at and attend the following Annual General Meeting.

Upon enrolment a member of each family is nominated as a member of Moama Anglican Grammar Ltd. This membership confers on the member voting rights and the right to attend the Annual General Meetings of the Company. Changes to the nominated representative may be made via the School’s Company Secretary.

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