Key Staff


Mrs Carmel Spry



Deputy Principal

Mrs Kathleen Kemp




Head of Secondary

Mr Greg Cadd




Head of Teaching and Learning (Secondary)

Mrs Hayley Catt




Year Level Coordinators

Year 7: Mr Darcy Hall
Year 8: Mr Darcy Hall
Years 9: Mr Tim Bowles
Year 10:
Mrs Amy Lane
Years 11: Ms Renee Aquino
Year 12: Ms Deb Duncan

Heads of Faculty

Head of English: Ms Vanessa Bush
Head of Mathematics: Mr Phillip Campbell
Head of Science: Mrs Felicity Williams
Head of Humanities: Mr Matthew Nolan
Head of PDHPE: Miss Brianna Bennett
Head of Technology and e-Learning: Mr Danny Hindson
Head of Creative and Performing Arts: Miss Codie Ellis
Head of Languages: Mrs Lucy Polvere
Head of Religious and Values Education: Mr Tim Bowles
Head of VET: Mrs Kim McFadden
Co-curricular Coordinator (Sport, Public Speaking, Debating): Mr Anthony McMahon

Social Worker

Mrs Kirsty Turner

Careers Adviser

Mr Curtis Townrow

School Chaplain

Mr Stuart Martin

Head of Student Diversity (Secondary)

Mr Kevin Turner