Moama Anglican Grammar Fees are set in order to provide access to quality education to as many families as possible. Fees are set by the School Board in August of the preceding year

Application fee:
$50 per student payable at time of lodging application forms.

Enrolment Acceptance and Enrolment Deposit Fee (effective from 1 January 2016):
$1000 payable by the date nominated in the formal letter of offer to confirm acceptance of place. Of this fee, $200 is a non-refundable Enrolment Acceptance Fee. The remaining Enrolment Deposit of $800 is credited against tuition fees of the student’s second year of attendance.

Should a student leave the School, the Enrolment Deposit may be refunded:
upon written request, after a minimum 12 month enrolment
when library books and other school owned equipment are returned in good order and all fees and charges are paid up to date.

No student may commence until all initial charges (application fee, enrolment acceptance, deposit fees and one term’s fees) have been paid. Term 1 fees for incoming students are due by 31 October in the year prior to entry.

Students may not commence if there are overdue fees or charges for siblings.




Tuition Fee: As well as general tuition, this covers all incidental costs including local excursions, camps, most subject materials and iPads in Years 5 to 9. It does not cover specialised excursions, co-curricular music tuition, textbooks, uniforms and stationery (except K-4, where stationery is supplied).

Capital Levy: A compulsory annual charge of $500 per student. It is specifically used to fund the School’s building program. Any amounts donated to the Building Fund in excess of this levy are tax deductible.

Sibling Discounts: Discounts are given for subsequent children in the family for the period in which more than one child is enrolled at the same time. Second child: 15 per cent; third child: 25 per cent; fourth and subsequent children: 30 per cent. Discounts apply to tuition fees only.


Fees are invoiced in quarterly instalments a term in advance with due dates as set out below:

Term 1: October 2019
Term 2: January 2020
Term 3: April 2020
Term 4: July 2020

To assist families in meeting their fee obligations by the due dates, payment plans are available upon request to the School Office (e.g. regular payments on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis).

If an account becomes overdue the School’s Policy for Unpaid Fees will apply. However on application, the School will consider extenuating circumstances and may assist in making special payment arrangements.


Payment options are as follows:
Online payments can be made by credit card only, via the Parent Portal.
Bank transfers (The School’s bank details are listed at the bottom of your statement).
Regular direct debits from bank accounts and credit cards can be made by contacting the School Office.
Cash, Cheque and EFTPOS payments are welcome at the School during office hours.


One full term’s notice in writing is required in the case of a student choosing to withdraw from the School.


The School has recently implemented a Bursary Fund to facilitate enrolment for a student or students not yet attending Moama Anglican Grammar to commence study within the Secondary School (Years 9 to 11). Contributions may be made via the Parent Portal or by contacting the School Office.

Future development of the School relies on voluntary contribution to the Building Fund. While fees help meet the running costs of the School, new facilities and renovations are assisted by Building Fund donations. Contributions may be made via Parent Portal or by contacting the School Office.

All voluntary contributions to the Building Fund or the Bursary Fund are tax deductible.