At Moama Anglican Grammar, our proud Anglican tradition motivates us to create a place where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to excel. Jesus Christ enables us all to flourish in life and discover our true purpose. Our desire is for students to discover the truth, beauty and goodness of the world. Celebrating this is significant, as we believe God informs all of life and desires for us to develop in character and relationship with Him.

School Chaplain Mr Tim Bowles represents the Anglican faith as he supports our students. He also has a part-time role under the National School Chaplaincy Program.

Prayer is an important support role which is provided for students, staff and families. If you are in need of prayer please contact Mr Bowles directly:

Outside of the classroom, students are given opportunities for service in their local, regional and global communities, exploring faith and supporting charities. We aim to follow the greatest commandments which Jesus highlighted in the Gospel of Matthew: to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

Chapel services are held each term, with significant services at Christmas and Easter. Our Chapel services are structured around the Church calendar, giving our students an appreciation for God’s Word, corporate singing, prayer and the Anglican tradition. Students also explore the Seasons of Lent and Advent through tutor group activities.

School assemblies involve readings from the Scriptures, prayers and an engaging message from the Chaplain.
Students can also receive assistance, encouragement and spiritual support from the Chaplain.

Voluntary Christian Lunch programs provide opportunities for students who wish to explore faith in a more personal way.

Service is a key area we are seeking to develop in the school. Students currently are able to serve through our International Service Trip where we partner with Mission Travel and Mukti Mission in India. Part of the preparation for this trip involves fundraising through school and community events.

As well as the programs above, the Chaplain provides counselling, faith support, attends camps and assists with the schools Pastoral Care Program. The Chaplain is also the Head of Religious and Values Education and seeks to connect with questions of faith and purpose in the classroom as students form their character and world view.Developing an understanding of the narrative of the Bible is foundational to these aims.

May our students know their God-given purpose and the joy of following Jesus. Amen.


Life is about service. We want all of our students to develop characters of service. It is to be modelled by our leaders and practiced by all in the way we speak, the things we celebrate, the purpose of our academic pursuits, our use of creativity and in all things beyond the classroom.

The teachers and staff at Moama Anglican Grammar are here to serve our students. Together they have the many skills needed to nurture, encourage and challenge students in their schooling journey so they can become people of ‘honour and excellence.’

Throughout the year we partnership with local organisations including:

Anglicare, Anglican Overseas Aid, Moama Playpark Committee, Moama-Echuca Botanic Gardens and aged care facilities in Echuca and Moama.