School Day

The school day at Moama Anglican Grammar begins at 8.50 am, with students required to be in attendance for roll marking, and finishes at 3.05 pm.

There are six lesson periods, broken up by a recess break of 20 minutes and a 40 minute lunch break.

Attendance and leave

Please read the information provided below relating to student absences, late arrivals and application for leave (3 or more days).  As well as notifying your child’s teachers/tutor regarding an absence please be sure to advise any absences prior to  9.00am on the day of absence  by telephone, email to, or completing an Absence Notification (Primary) or Absence Notification (Secondary) available on the Parent Portal.

Absence (for 1-2 days)

  • There are legal requirements for the School staff to be aware of the location of students each day.   Parents are requested to advise any absences prior to  9.00am on the day of absence  by telephone, email to, or completing an Absence Notification (Primary) or Absence Notification (Secondary) available on the Parent Portal.
    The School will contact parents concerning the absence of a student for whom no explanation or advice is received.  This will be done by sending an SMS to the parent/guardian to which a response by return telephone call is required to confirm such absence.
  • Absence from co-curricular activities: Should a student be unable to attend such an activity, training or practice, they are to obtain leave from the teacher concerned, giving as much notice as possible.
    Absence not owing to sickness:  Should a parent require a student to keep a special appointment that would interfere with school work or a co-curricular activity, a written request is required.  Such an application, however, does not warrant the assumption that permission will be granted.
    Absence owing to sickness:  If not already provided, written notification (absence note is acceptable) upon your child’s return to School together with any relevant medical certificates.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive late are required to report to either the Primary or Secondary School Offices to sign in at the Student Late Arrival Register.  Unexplained or regular lateness will result in disciplinary action.

Leave (for 3 or more days)

The School policy is that all students should attend the School during scheduled classes on those days as advertised in the Calendar as being in term time.  The policy covers both the academic and co-curricula programs of the School.

The only exceptions to the above should be for urgent medical matters and for compelling or compassionate reasons.  Except for illness, (where the School must be notified by 9.00am of each day of absence), permission for a student to be absent from school must be obtained beforehand.  (A eform from the parent or guardian requesting leave from the School is required, allowing enough time (7-10 working days) for a written response from the Principal).

Families are requested to holiday or travel during school vacation time only.  If you have a request for an unavoidable absence  and/or family holiday (3 -10 consecutive School days). Please complete the eForm available here or on the Parent Portal preferably at least 2 weeks prior to the date of intended absence.
For leave of 10+ days you will need to make arrangements to meet with the Head of Primary School (K-6) or the Head of Secondary School (7-12) or the Deputy Principal.

It is expected that any end-of-term travel bookings and arrangements will be made to occur after the final day of term and Presentation Evening.  Requests for early leave or late return, for exceptional circumstances should be addressed to the Principal well in advance.

Parents have a right to remove their children from the School, but in doing so they act contrary to the School’s wishes.  Where parents do take their children away during term time a special program of work will not be set. Students must find out about and catch up on any work missed.  Parents must understand that their child may face consequences.  Usually no make-up tasks will be allowed for missing assessment tasks, tests and the like (i.e. scoring 0 on the tasks).  There can be no expectation whatever of staff re-teaching whatever academic work was covered in the student’s unauthorised absence.  It is suggested that families avoid taking students out of School in senior years (9-12) as assessments are on-going throughout the year and count towards final certificate results.